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Volume VI Issue III 2020

Volume VI Issue III 2020

Year:2020 Volume VI Issue III

Print ISSN :2454-6542,Online ISSN:2454-6542

Received on:22nd July 2020, Received in Revised Form:21st August 2020, Accepted On:28th September 2020

Aruna Kumar Nishanka
Berhampur University, Berhampur Odisha

Corresponding Author: aruna.nishanka


As the world is grappling with ecological and economic problems, bamboo is being seen as a resource with the potential to turnaround both economy and ecology of a region. Bamboo have the capacity to equip the economy with the growing market economy. Along with market economy the demand and supply are rendering with many problems, which creates divergence . In this paper, the analysis of bamboo forest resources, its productivity with sustainability in the market. Here on this paper we analyse the bamboo selling amount and the revenue extracted by the Govt. How Govt. Is not able to manage its bamboo product in states for better revenue . Odisha is having so much amount of artisans , but their productivity is not as standard to the other states like Manipur Assam, and Mizoram. They are requiring training for their betterment of the product in the market .This paper is analysing the financial diversion and allocation for the training of tribal people regarding this through different schemes. This paper is examining the productivity, allocation of resources for their development through bamboo , with the product availability in the market.


Capacity to equip the economy, Growing market economy, Financial diversion and allocation